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Norm Snyder Award

This award was created by the OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Executive to honour Norman Snyder of the former District 28 (Lake of the Woods).  Norman Snyder, who died in September 1984, had many years of outstanding service to OSSTF/FEESO, both provincially and locally.  The Norm Snyder Award recognizes outstanding contributions by members of a District/Bargaining Unit/Branch Committee or District/Bargaining Unit Branch Executive.

The deadline for nominations is January 31 and must be submitted online by clicking on the Nomination Form link below:

The electronic form features file upload capability.  You may submit attachments no larger than 20 MB.  Each file should be no more than 3MB.  If you submit your online form with attachments over 20 MB, you will arrive at a Page Not Found error.  If your attachments are large, we recommend you email them to the contact person below.

Nomination Form



The following are the award criteria and nomination guidelines for the Norm Snyder Award.  The nominee shall:

  • Have primarily served the members of OSSTF/FEESO as a volunteer.
  • The selection committee will place a stronger emphasis on local versus provincial contributions.
  • The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution during the previous and/or current school year.
  • A District or Bargaining Unit motion of endorsement of the nominee must accompany the application.

The selection committee will consist of:

  • The two Vice – Presidents of OSSTF/FEESO;
  • The General Secretary, who shall chair the committee and shall vote only in the event of a tie.


The Provincial Executive will determine which, if any, applicant will receive the award based on the established criteria.  The Provincial Executive reserves the right not to grant the award in any given year.


Who can propose? Any active Bargaining Unit Member in OSSTF/FEESO.
Who must nominate? Any District or Bargaining Unit Executive with accompanying resolution of endorsement.
Who is eligible? All active members of OSSTF/FEESO in good standing who are currently serving on either a District/Bargaining Unit/Branch Committee or a District/Bargaining Unit/Branch Executive.
What is required? Provide concrete examples to support the nomination. A District or Bargaining Unit motion of endorsement of the nominee must accompany the application.
Where will the presentation occur? May/June meeting of OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Council.
How will winner be notified? The assistant to the General Secretary will make contact with the nominator and nominee prior to the award ceremony. Only winning entries will be contacted.
Publicity OSSTF/FEESO will publicize the contributions of the award winner in its publications.


Previous Winners

1986 – Liz Barkley D 13 North York
1987 – Doug Craig D 31 Sudbury

1988 – Gerald Armstrong

Tom Henderson

D 18 Peterborough

D 01 Windsor

1989 – Doug Howie

D 55 Arctic Watershed
1990 – Wendy Leddy D 56 North Shore
1991 – Unknown

1992 – Unknown

1993 – Richard Phillips D 20 Frontenac
1994 – Gord McEwen

D 31 Sudbury

1995 – David Thompson

D 07 Niagara South

1996 – Ron Gable D 11 York Region
1997 – Jack McLaughlin D 55 Arctic Watershed
1998 – Len Laurin
D 54 Orion
1999 – Patricia Jermey D 13 Durham
2000 – George Lung D 10 Lambton Kent
2001 – Joyce Cunningham D 5B Rainy River

2002 – Sterling Campbell

Ken Robins

D 03 Rainbow

D 08 Avon Maitland

2003 – Beth Wheatley

D 23 Grand Erie
2004 – France Houle
D 31 Unite 61 Franco Nord Ontarien
2005 – Andrew Hallikas D 5A Rainy River
2006 – Debbie Bradley D 09 Greater Essex
2007 – Dave Cornish D 5A Northern Shield
2008 – Vivian Payne D 12 Toronto
2009 – Stephen Lynch D 10 Lambton Kent
2010 – Todd Sintic D 03 Rainbow
2011 – Unknown

2012 – Heather Wells D 26 Upper Canada
2013 – Margaret Elson

D 25 Ottawa Carleton

2014 – Victoria Waterfield
D 14 Kawartha Pine Ridge
2015 – Jacques Aharonian D 09 Greater Essex
2016 – Ian Cotter D 24 Waterloo
2017 – Jeanette Parker D 17 Simcoe
2017 – Jeanette Parker D 17 Simcoe
2018 – Roberta (Bobbi) Pentland D 21 Hamilton - Wenworth

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