OSSTF/FEESO Awards of Recognition for Members

OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Member Award Winners — 2017/2018 · Communication Award 2017/2018



Communication Award 2017/2018

District 19 Peel — Teacher Bargaining Unit

The OSSTF/FEESO Communication Award takes into consideration any and all forms of communication that the nominee asks to be judged. This can include but is not limited to, newsletters, websites, social media and issue-based campaigns.  The award may be presented to an individual, District or Bargaining Unit.

District 19 Peel – Teacher Bargaining Unit

District 19 Teacher’s Bargaining Unit provides informative, timely, and extremely professional communication to the members of District 19 Teacher’s Bargaining Unit.  This year a new TBU Handbook and innovated event and information calendar have become essential tools for member engagement and communication in this District.  The breadth and depth of information contained in these publications are examples of items that make this group worthy of this year’s Communication Award.

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