OSSTF/FEESO Awards of Recognition for Members

OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Member Award Winners — 2017/2018 · Liz Barkely Status of Women Award 2017/2018



Liz Barkely Status of Women Award 2017/2018

Carole Hunton — District 30 PSAT

The Liz Barkley Status of Women Award, named in recognition of a former OSSTF/FEESO president, is presented annually to recognize the leadership displayed by an OSSTF/FEESO member in advocating and building awareness on women's economic and equality issues.

Carole Hunton has been dedicated to working on causes related to women at the local level, where she is making a difference with her colleagues and her students. Her December 6th tributes and displays have awakened activism in young female and male students and her commitment to supporting her female colleagues and maintaining a safe workplace for women have helped women feel supported and heard.

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