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I.M. (Brick) Robb Fellowship

This fellowship is named in honour of I.M. (Brick) Robb, teacher and Head of Guidance at Northern Vocational School, Toronto, until appointed Field and Deputy General Secretary of OSSTF/FEESO in 1950. He served as General Secretary from 1964 to 1968.

  1. This fellowship is designed to assist OSSTF/FEESO Members in good standing with Doctoral studies at a university of their choice:
    1. value — $3,500
    2. if no acceptable applications are received in any year, no award will be made.
  2. Applications are acceptable from current OSSTF/FEESO Members:
    1. in good standing
    2. who are currently involved in studies and will be continuing with these studies for the upcoming academic year or will undertake studies during the academic year following receipt of the award
    3. have a proposed plan of study which is acceptable to the OSSTF/FEESO Educational Services Committee, and
    4. have not previously been a recipient of this fellowship.
  3. The study is to be at a publicly-funded university of the candidate’s choice.

  4. Each candidate shall submit a completed application form provided by the Federation, which shall include:
    1. academic and professional information
    2. official transcripts as evidence of preparation in the field
    3. proof of status in the Doctoral program for the upcoming academic year
    4. details of the proposed study including time, place, and duration
    5. a statement of anticipated expenses
    6. two or more letters of reference, at least one should be from a member of the faculty of the institution at which the study is to be undertaken. Each letter should outline the candidate’s suitability for this award.
  5. The I.M. (Brick) Robb Fellowship is for the academic year following receipt of the award NOT the current year. In order to qualify for this fellowship, your studies MUST take place from July 1st onward.

  6. Recipients of the award shall provide a copy of their Doctoral thesis to OSSTF/FEESO. It is understood that OSSTF/FEESO may use all or part of the thesis resulting from this study without further payment or royalty or otherwise to the author or publisher.

  7. Interpretation and administration of the terms of this fellowship are at the discretion of the OSSTF/FEESO Educational Services Committee subject to the approval of the Provincial Executive.

  8. Completed applications should be electronically submitted with all attachments.

    It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that any attachments that cannot be submitted electronically are sent to:

    Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation
    Educational Services Department
    49 Mobile Drive
    Toronto ON
    M4A 1H5

The application and all attachments must be received at OSSTF/FEESO provincial office no later than April 1.

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