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I.M. (Brick) Robb Fellowship · I.M. (Brick) Robb Fellowship Application Form



I.M. (Brick) Robb Fellowship Application Form

Study must be for Doctoral studies at a recognized university.

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If you have reached the maximum file size and have not included all your attachments, email the remained to esdawards@osstf.ca

* Denotes mandatory information.


CHECKLIST – Have you included the following information?

  • Academic and professional information
  • University transcripts
  • Letter of acceptance / continuation, or probable acceptance, into the proposed program at a recognized university as a Doctoral candidate
  • Synopsis of proposed study
  • Two letters of recommendation (colleague or supervisor & member of faculty at proposed field of study)

Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2024

PART A - Applicant Information

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3. Membership Information
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4. * Name of Employer:
  * Name of Work Location / School:

5. * Professional Position at Present:

6. a) * Indicate whether you have previously received any of the five OSSTF/FEESO Scholarships or Awards listed below:
What was the value of the award?$
Failure to submit the required written report(s) for any of the above will disqualify your application from being considered for any OSSTF/FEESO scholarships or awards in the future.
  b)* Have you received / are you receiving any scholarship and / or bursaries for the period covered by this application?
      If yes, what is the total value of the award(s)? $

7. Indicate which of the following will apply while you are involved in your study:
No Leave          
Leave of Absence without pay:   From to
Leave of Absence with pay:            
Sabbatical   From to
Self-funded Leave (x over y plan)   From to
Other:   From to
If ''other'', please specify:            

8. Specify anticipated expenses for the year of the program for which this application applies:
*   $

9. Academic and Professional Qualifications
  i. Date Received Degrees (including subject area and content specialization, etc.)
  ii. Date Received Diplomas (including subject area and content specialization, etc.)
  iii. Date Received Certificates (including content specialization, etc.)

PART B - Plan of Study

1. a) * What is the title of the university doctoral study you are pursuing?
  b) * Specify the degree program:

2. * University where doctoral study is to be undertaken (please do not use acronyms.)

3. * Attach documentation that indicates that you are / will be a full-time student in the doctoral program for the upcoming year.
  (File types allowed: .wpd / .pdf / .doc / .docx / .txt)

4. * Length of Program (give inclusive dates - years and months)
  From   to 

5. * Are you currently enrolled at the university for this study?
6. * Synopsis
Provide a brief synopsis, 150 words maximum, of your proposed plan of study. If you are successful in your application, this synopsis may be used as the basis for any publications describing your award.

7. * Project Goal (500 words or less)
Outline the goal of the project, research methods to be employed, sources of information, and any previous work completed by you in the area of study or research.

8. * University / College Transcripts
  You are required to attach all OFFICIAL university / college transcripts.
  (File types allowed: .wpd / .pdf / .doc / .docx / .txt)
  (File types allowed: .wpd / .pdf / .doc / .docx / .txt)
  (Filetypes allowed: .wpd / .pdf / .doc / .docx / .txt)

9. * Describe the relevance of your study/research as it relates to your present job and to education in Ontario.

10. Letters of Recommendation (each letter of recommendation should outline your suitability for this award.) OSSTF/FEESO is unable to advise you what should be contained in your letters of recommendation.

 Indicate the names and positions of persons submitting letters of recommendation on your behalf:
  a) Workplace - Colleague or Supervisor
* Name
* Position
  Letter attached (File types allowed: .wpd / .pdf / .doc / .docx / .txt)
  b) Faculty - A member of the faculty at the proposed place of study
* Name
* Position
  Letter attached (File types allowed: .wpd / .pdf / .doc / .docx / .txt)

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all documentation is received by the provincial office no later than April 1 in order for your application to be considered complete.

I hereby consent to the collection and use of the above-noted information by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation. This information shall be used exclusively for the purposes of union administration and the representation of our members.

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