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Project LINK

OSSTF/FEESO offers Project LINK, a career counseling service for members who may wish to explore career alternatives.

A Bargaining Unit President or designate may submit applications to Provincial Office to request career counseling for members who are experiencing difficulties practising their professions/vocations to such a degree that they are seriously considering other work options. Some typical issues might include:

  • loss of contract
  • position elimination
  • burn-out
  • health or emotional problems
  • unsatisfactory performance appraisals
  • disciplinary procedures
  • loss of interest

The program may also assist members who want to explore external and vocational opportunities.

The counseling service typically consists of a vocational evaluation followed by two hour counseling session. During the session the result of assessment materials are reviewed and possible career options are explored and suggested.

Project LINK neither provides funds for tuition nor retraining fees. It also does not provide job placement services.

In order to access Project LINK, a completed application form must be forwarded by a member’s Bargaining Unit President/designate to the LINK coordinator. The present coordinator is Lisa Black-Meddings, Executive Assistant, OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office. The application will be reviewed by the LINK coordinator, and if approved will be approved and forwarded to the counseling provider.

Confirmation of approval will be sent to the member with a copy to the Bargaining Unit President. If the application is denied, the member will be informed.

The counseling provider will contact the applicant directly regarding the specifics of the project.

The counseling provider may also suggest additional counseling time if the circumstances warrant.

Completed applications should be sent to:

Lisa Black-Meddings
Executive Assistant
OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office

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