Certification · Appeals




OSSTF/FEESO members have the ability to appeal decisions of the Certification Department that they believe are not consistent with the Certification Regulations as outlined in the Constitution & Bylaws of OSSTF/FEESO. The appeal process is outlined in the Certification Council Constitution Article 5.

Step 1

Contact Evaluator in Certification Department

Certification evaluators are available by phone daily to answer questions regarding issues related to evaluations.

Step 2

Contact Secretariat Liaison to Certification

An Executive Assistant is assigned to the Certification portfolio and can be contacted to discuss issues, answer questions and receive advice on the appeal process. This contact can be considered the Preliminary Certification Consultation (see below) at the member’s written request.

Step 3

Apply for a Preliminary Certification Consultation

If the discussions with the Secretariat liaison do not resolve the issues then an opportunity for a preliminary consultation can be arranged. This consultation is a necessary step prior to a Formal Hearing with the Certification Appeal Board. The consultation can be by phone, e-mail, or in a personal meeting between the member, the Secretariat Liaison, an evaluator, and any OSSTF/FEESO adviser the appellant wishes to bring. The Secretariat Liaison will provide a written response to the issues raised by the member.

Step 4

Application for a Formal Hearing with the Certification Appeal Board

A member may make written application for a Formal Hearing within 30 teaching days of the receipt of the response from the Preliminary Certification Consultation. This application must be sent to the Chair of the Certification Appeal Board. A Formal Hearing date will be set and the appellant will receive a minimum 10 days notice of the date of the hearing.

Step 5

Application for Leave to Appeal to the Appeal Committee of Provincial Council

This procedure is outlined in Procedure 9.13 of OSSTF/FEESO's Policies and Procedures.  The Certification Appeal Board may deny a member a Formal Hearing at Step 4 if the Appeal Committee of Provincial Council has already ruled on the same issue.  The denial of a formal hearing can also be appealed to the Appeal Committee of Provincial Council.