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Evaluations and Upgrading

The Certification Bylaws and Regulations, which govern all aspects of certification and the Certification Plan, can be found in the OSSTF/FEESO Teacher Certification Handbook.

The OSSTF/FEESO Certification Plan is designed to provide a systematic and consistent method for evaluating and improving teaching qualifications. There are two charts used in certification: Academic and Technological. Each chart reflects different areas of teaching specialization and different pathways to improve qualifications on the pay grid.

Within each chart, there are four groups.  The Certification Rating Statement indicates in which group a member is placed.  For placement in Group 1, a member must be a qualified secondary school teacher holding a valid Certificate of Qualification.  Placement in subsequent groups require additional qualifications and training.  A member must meet the requirements listed under each chart.

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Certification Evaluation Process
The OSSTF/FEESO Certification Department evaluates a teacher's academic and technological credentials according to the Regulations of the Certification Plan and then issues Certification Rating Statements...