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Certification Evaluation Process

The OSSTF/FEESO Certification Department evaluates a teacher's academic and technological credentials according to the Regulations of the Certification Plan and then issues Certification Rating Statements.

All inquiries, course approvals and re-evaluations must be accompanied by a completed application form.

Download the Certification Bylaws (PDF) and Certification Regulations (PDF) to read specific requirements for the following charts:

PDF Academic Chart using the Honour Specialist and Three Session Specialist Pathways
PDF Honour Technological Studies Specialist Chart
Reminder: Only the Certification Department can give authoritative advice on the certification process.

Please be aware that the Certification Application Forms are currently not available for submission on-line. Please download the appropriate PDF Application Form and either fax to 416-751-0910 or mail directly to the Certification Department at OSSTF/FEESO 60 Mobile Drive Toronto, ON M4A 2P3. We apologize for any inconvenience.

PDF Certification Form #1 — Initial Certification Rating Statement
PDF Certification Form #2 — Re-evaluation Application & Other Requests
PDF Certification Form #3 — Course Approval Application
PDF Certification Form #4 — Letter of Appraisal
Applications and Procedures
Application for an Initial Certification Rating Statement (CRS)
Re-evaluation for Group Change
Upgrading Requirements
Change a Provisional Rating Statement to a Permanent Rating Statement
Duplicate Certification Rating Statement
Change of name and/or change of address
Course approval application
Application for a Letter of Appraisal
Change a Letter of Assessment or Letter of Appraisal to a Permanent Rating Statement
Application for Voluntary Membership and Certification Services
Appeal procedure (refer to Procedure 9.13 — Appeals to the Certification Appeal Board)