Réunion annuelle de l’Assemblée provinciale (RAAP)

Élections à la RAAP 2021 · Kelly McCarthy


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Kelly McCarthy

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Kelly McCarthy
District 20, Halton

Please Re-elect Kelly McCarthy for OTF Governor

Kelly has a strong financial background that he used every day in the classroom as a teacher and he uses it in his current roles as a current OTF Governor, and Staff Officer – Member Protection, Chief Negotiator, for District 20 TBU and as a past Chair of the Provincial Finance Committee.

He believes that a deep understanding of finance and economics will guide him and give focus to continue in the role of OTF Governor.  When decisions are made we need a person that understands the financial terms and impacts that these decisions make on a go forward basis.

With a focus on financial impacts, Kelly will ensure that the best possible outcomes will come to all teachers affected by the OTPP, as he continues focusing on providing the best options possible for all of the members.

What Experience Does Kelly have?

Currently Kelly is an OTF Governor and Chief Negotiator for District 20 TBU.  He is also on several local committees including Chair of his local CBC, Chair of their Staffing Committee, Chair of his local Grievance Committee, the eLearning Steering Committee and a 10 Time AMPA Delegate. 

Kelly’s experience is broad and representative of an individual who works hard to help his fellow members.  Outside of OSSTF, Kelly has been actively involved with Scouts Canada for over 20 years helping Canada’s youth learn about and enjoy our great outdoors.

Kelly brings experience, knowledge and dedication to the role of OTF Governor!