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Update — 2016–2017Update est le bulletin d’information officiel d’OSSTF/FEESO. Il est publié au moins une fois par mois durant l’année scolaire et est posté à tous les membres à leur lieu de travail respectif. Ses articles primés couvrent un large éventail de sujets qui traitent de la vie professionnelle des membres, du milieu de l’enseignement et de dossiers sociaux.

Ses pages contiennent un éditorial, des reportages locaux ou provinciaux, une analyse de l'éducation, des dossiers politiques et sociaux, des articles et caricatures politiques sur une gamme de sujets. C’est aussi l’endroit idéal pour placer une petite annonce qui rejoint près de 60 000 lecteurs.


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    V. 44 No. 8

    One Public System campaign generates discussion; Paul Elliott receives Life Membership; The Fight for $15 and Fairness begins to pay off; End the Silence → Stop the Violence; A year in review—2016/2017; La campagne « Un système scolaire public unique » engendre des discussions; Human Rights and Status of Women conference focuses on intersectionality; Tri-National Summit on NAFTA; Student Achievement Awards—Are you planning for next year? Here’s a big idea!; Prix de réalisations des élèves – Se préparer à la prochaine année; Awards bestowed at June Provincial Council; National Aboriginal Day: A Métis Perspective.

    V. 44 No. 7

    Improvements in GSNs mostly due to extension agreements; Les améliorations aux SBE résultent essentiellement des ententes de prolongation; Teachers gather for democracy bootcamp; Changing the game at the Progress Summit; Queen's Park Notes; It's never okay: So what can you do?; Is the Ontario NDP coming out of a slump?; 6,000 come together in Cuba at Pedagogy 2017; Kindergarten symposium Let’s Play—Spring 2017; Judicial Council Vacancies; Poste au Conseil Judiciaire; Hassan Yussuff acclaimed for second term as CLC president; Ontario PRIDE events; The Walk for Kids Help Phone.

    V. 44 No. 6

    AMPA 2017; RAAP 2017; Contract extension and Bill 115 remedy agreements ratified; Lobby Day 2017; Squandered opportunity; Day of mourning; AMPA elects new Executive; La RAAP élit le nouvel Exécutif; Member Recognition; Canadian Labour Congress Triennial Convention; Student Achievement Awards: Regional Winners.

    V. 44 No. 5

    Violence in the workplace task force; Mirror Mirror; Groupe de travail sur la violence au travail; Queen's Park notes; Proposed Annual Action Plan 2017–2018; Plan d’action annuel proposé 2017–2018; Black History Month; 2016 audit at a glance; Coup d’oeil vérification de 2016; Confronting violence in our workplaces; Moving on mental health; #BeBoldforChange; Women march in Washington, Toronto and throughout the world; Get the salary you deserve.

    V. 44 No. 4

    No deal on contract extensions; Aucun accord de prolongation des conventions collectives; Federal government to ban asbestos; Women in politics speak out about abuse & hatred; Looking for climate change solutions?; Federal Liberals poised to break promise on electoral reform; Lessons learned?; New elections law bans union donations; Pro-charter school advocate picked as Trump’s Education Secretary; First Nations children still facing funding discrimination; Colombia peace deal ratified; Candy or coal in their stocking; Healthy diet boosts children’s reading skills; Get the salary you deserve.

    V. 44 No. 3

    Serious concerns about the “Protecting Students” Act; Join the conversation; Queen’s Park notes; Liberals maintain Ottawa-Vanier byelection; Why we should care about fairness for everyone; AMPA News; EQAO gets another failing grade; December 6; Le 6 Décembre; CPAC Conference; Live the change; Building young workers' power; Recognizing member contributions; Changing the landscape of domestic and sexual violence.

    V. 44 No. 2

    PPM 159 to change the way initiatives are implemented; La N P/P 159 modifiera la mise en oeuvre des initiatives; Queen's Park notes; Prix du mérite du CSLF 2016–2017; Because of Her; Orange shirt day; Community involvement; Student well-being... EQAO’s newest frontier?; Murdered and missing indigenous women and girls—Canada’s Crisis; Dec 6 Materials; Articles commémoratifs du 6 décembre; UNE Vive? Can Ecuador’s national teachers union survive the latest attack?; Something to watch for; Member recognition; Employee recognition; Thousands rally for decent work.

    V. 44 No. 1

    Changing Workplaces Review and the fight to Make it Fair; L’Examen portant sur l’évolution des milieux de travail et la lutte Pour que ce soit juste; Delivering community power; Queen's Park notes; Bill 132; Take back the night; New minister, new opportunities?; Request for teaching resources on the history and value of labour in Canada; Call for writers/presenters for First Nations, Métis, Inuit Workshop; New Member Workgroup; CLC Rise Up! Conference and Youth Workers’ Summit; Federation Family Education Fund; OSSTF/FEESO supports lifelong learning; Educators Financial launches financial literacy initiative; Leadership training 2016; Formation du leadership 2016; Mental health matters…More than ever!; Mike Foulds elected OTF president.