2016—2017 · V. 44 No. 1



Delivering community power

How Canada Post can be the hub of our next economy

Delivering community power: How Canada Post can be the hub of our next economyMany think of Canada Post as simply a place to mail a package, buy stamps or pick up the latest commemorative coin. What if we reimagined our postal service to be more—much more?

What if this cherished national institution, with its vast physical infrastructure and millions of daily human interactions, could offer us something completely different? What if the post office could play a central role in helping to build our next economy—an economy that is more stable and less polluting?

That is exactly what community activists around the country are proposing with their campaign “Delivering Community Power.” They want us to imagine a renewable-powered postal fleet that connects farms to dinner tables, and door to door mail carriers expanding their role in strengthening social fabric. Why not repurpose post offices as hubs for green innovation, connecting local businesses and customers? And why not initiate a postal banking service, providing small towns and low-income communities with financial services?

OSSTF/FEESO thinks this campaign is a great idea and is encouraging our members to play a role in their local communities. For an excellent overview of the campaign and suggestions on how to get involved, go to deliveringcommunitypower.ca

Remember, the post office can deliver it!

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