2016—2017 · V. 44 No. 3



Recognizing members contributions

One of the amazing ways that OSSTF/FEESO recognizes the volunteer contributions of its members in their District offices, in their communities and of course in their worksites, is the OSSTF/FEESO awards for members. Often, the volunteer commitments of our members exceed 10 hours per week. When you’re balancing family, work and leisure obligations, that’s a huge commitment of time given selflessly to our union. While awards criteria are publicised and available on our website, we often do not get many nominations which are unfortunate because we know that there are many members who give their all, day after day to the union and its members.

The nomination process is outlined on the OSSTF/FEESO Awards of Recognition for Members web page. Many of the award applications must be endorsed by your District or Bargaining unit and there are various deadlines that you should be aware of. As well, there are application forms online, but some awards, such as the Communication Award, must be accompanied by examples of the communication to be evaluated. Here is a list of the member awards and a summary of criteria:

André Lécuyer Award—Nominated by a member. Endorsed by the District. Deadline January 31 for outstanding contributions in the area of professional development. Presented at AMPA.

Award of Merit—Nominated by the District. Conferred by Provincial Executive. Deadline yearly for outstanding service at District and Bargaining Unit level as well as provincial level. Awarded at District function.

Bob Brooks Award—For a member, school staff or federation group, endorsed by the District for excellence in community relations. Deadline April 1. Awarded at June Provincial Council.

Comité des services en langue française Award—Open to any member, endorsed by CSLF committee for distinguished involvement in the growth and promotion of French language in OSSTF/FEESO. Deadline January 31. Awarded at AMPA.

Communication Award—For Districts, Bargaining Units or individuals to recognise and celebrate efforts in communications. Endorsed by the CPA committee. Deadline January 31. Awarded at AMPA. Must include communications material to be evaluated.

Environmental Award—For a member, Districts or Bargaining Units to celebrate the dedication to environmental activism. Deadline April 15. Awarded at June Provincial Council.

Honorary Membership—Awarded on request from the District or Bargaining Unit to retiring members. Conferred by the Provincial Executive.

James Forster Human Rights Award—For member nominated by the District or Bargaining Unit for exemplary dedication and promotion of human rights locally, provincially or internationally. Deadline January 31. Awarded by the Human Rights Committee at AMPA.

Jennifer MacLean Health and Safety Award—For certified health and safety activist on Joint Health and Safety Committees. Endorsed by District or Bargaining Unit. Deadline January 31. Awarded at AMPA.

John McNeil Award—For any member for outstanding achievement in the area of collective bargaining. Endorsed by District or Bargaining Unit and awarded at Collective Bargaining Conference by the CBC committee. Deadline January 31.

Kelly Ann McKenzie Award—For a member making substantive contributions to the professional growth and development of education worker members over an extended period of time. Awarded at a biennial ESC conference or ESO conference by the ES Committee. Deadline January 31.

Nancy Warrener Award—For a member who demonstrates a high level of energy, positive outlook, commitment to the professional development needs of members, assistance to new members and involvement at both District and provincial levels. Deadline January 31. Endorsed by District or Bargaining Unit. Awarded at ES Conference.

Norm Snyder Award—Presented to a volunteer on a District or Bargaining Unit committee or executive for outstanding service both provincially and locally. Endorsed by the District or Bargaining Unit. Deadline January 31. Awarded at June Provincial Council.

Political Action Award in honour of Wendell Fulton and Larry French—For a member showing outstanding leadership in political action with the federation or with political parties, other unions or labour councils. Endorsed by the District or Bargaining Unit. Deadline January 31. Awarded at AMPA.

Provincial Executive Award—For exceptional members, rendering meritorious and outstanding services to OSSTF/FEESO at the provincial and local level, upon their retirement. Endorsed by the Provincial Executive. Deadline May 1. Award at June Provincial Council.

Liz Barkley Status of Women Award—For a member recognizing activism and leadership by an OSSTF/FEESO member in advocating and building awareness on women’s economic and equality issues. Deadline January 31. Awarded at AMPA by the SW Committee.

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