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Lesson 1 Sustainability Introduction Subject Areas Geography, Science

Lesson Plan One EarthPDF Icon
Activity 1 The Earth: Our HomePDF Icon
  The Earth: Our Home —
PDF Icon
  The Pale Blue DotPowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 2 Defining SustainabilityPDF Icon
Activity 3 Using the Inquiry Process to Define Sustainability
  The Inquiry Process: Analyzing InformationPDF Icon
  The Inquiry Process: Asking QuestionsPDF Icon
  The Inquiry Process: Exploring Sources of InformationPDF Icon
Activity 4 Exit CardPDF Icon
Activity 5 Evaluating a Local Sustainability InitiativePDF Icon
Activity 6 The Inquiry Process: A New Model For SustainabilityPDF Icon

Lesson 2 Oil Addiction Subject Areas Geography, Business, Economics, English, Civics

Lesson Plan Oil AddictionPDF Icon
  Oil Addiction: Who has it? Who Wants it? Why should you care?PowerPoint Presentation Icon
Activity 1 KWL chart (K&W)
Activity 2 Analyze the role of oil and your everyday life
Activity 3 Conduct a cost-benefit analysis
Activity 4 Conduct a subsidy comparison
Activity 5 Write a reflective
Activity 6 Create a public service announcement
Activity 7 Write a position paper
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Lesson 3 Measuring Progress
(Questioning the Growth Model)
Subject Areas Geography, Economics, Business

Lesson Plan Politics and Progress
  Politics and Progress
Activity 1 What is Progress
Activity 2 Examining differing philosophies for the creation of progress — Progressive Economics versus Neo-liberalism.
Activity 3 Comparing progress in different countries
Activity 4 Writing a political letter
Video The Nordic Model versus
The Bolivarian Alliance