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Nancy Warrener Award

The Nancy Warrener Award commemorates the life of a vibrant teacher who taught in District 23 at Simcoe Composite High School. Nancy will be remembered for the upbeat sensitivity and creativity she brought to her multifaceted OSSTF/FEESO professional development activities at both the district and provincial levels.

Terms of Reference
The criteria for receiving this annual award reflects the "This is Good" attitude and professional dedication with which Nancy Warrener approached life, prior to her tragic death in an August 2000 house fire.

General Criteria
The Educational Services Committee will consider the following criteria when making its decisions on the recipients of these awards.
• A high level of energy.
• A positive outlook.
• An attitude and practice that inspires others to engage in personal growth and development
• A “booster” of professional development and the engagement of all members
• Assistance to new OSSTF/FEESO members.
• Involvement at both the bargaining unit and district levels.

• The nomination may be made by any member but must be endorsed by a district or bargaining unit executive.
• Submit the completed application to Karen Metherall, Co-ordinating Secretary, Educational   Services Department at Provincial OSSTF/FEESO no later than January 31.
• Who selects the winner? The Full Educational Services Committee.
• Who is eligible? All active members of OSSTF/FEESO except current members of the Provincial Educational Services Committee.
• Where will the presentation occur? At either the Biennial Educational Services Professional Development Conference or the Educational Services Officers Conference.

Award Format
• A large plaque engraved with names of annual recipients is kept in the Educational Services Department.
• A smaller plaque or decorative recognition is presented to the award recipient.
• Both will reflect a lighthouse motif, in recognition of the recipient being a beacon to Educational Services.

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