OSSTF/FEESO Awards of Recognition for Members

OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Member Award Winners — 2016/2017 · Political Action Award 2016/2017



Political Action Award 2016/2017

Irene Taylor – District 9 Greater Essex

This member’s enthusiasm and strong commitment to Political Action and the labour community has been contagious. She has ensured our members stay well informed, and as a result, our delegation to Labour council has been the largest it has ever been.

She continues to remind us all of the importance of being actively involved in our community. She encourages us to get involved outside our workplaces, our bargaining units and our Districts and ensures there is enough money and training in the area of political action for all members aspiring to leadership roles.

Irene Taylor believes that challenging racism is about much more than speaking out against prejudice and discrimination when we witness it; she believes that systemic barriers must be addressed to make our union and society inclusive regardless of race and religion. Irene has been active to remove those systemic barriers through Political Action. She regularly attends Labour Council, the local NDP riding association meetings and even ran as a candidate for Municipal Council. We should be very proud of Irene Taylor, and her accomplishments.

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