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Message to members from the OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Executive

September 1, 2022

Message to members from the OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Executive

To the members of OSSTF/FEESO

No one can deny that the past few years have been difficult, brutal even. Dealing with the pandemic, constant interruptions, last minute changes, and many upheavals have taken our profession to a new place, one of great sacrifice but also resilience.

Despite our best hopes, COVID-19 is not over, and, as we embark on a new school year, the Provincial Executive want to acknowledge and thank every OSSTF/FEESO member for their effort throughout the pandemic. While there is learning recovery and catch-up needed from the pandemic, the fact that students received the level of education and services they did during the pandemic is because of the many sacrifices made by you and all educators in the public system.

Without education workers and teachers, the system could have crumbled. It is because of your dedication and strength that we have been able to give students from the early years through to post-secondary the supports they so desperately needed during the pandemic.

That is why, as we move forward this fall, we are focused on advocating, and bargaining for stability for all OSSTF/FEESO members and the students and their families that we serve. This is what stability looks like in public education:

  • Fully funding public education and investing in Ontario’s students
  • Ensuring schools are properly staffed
  • Compensation that addresses cost of living increases
  • And bargaining in good faith and not through legislation or surprise government press conferences

You are the frontline of public education. You are dedicated professionals who deserve to be treated with respect. And together, we will stand up for each other, for the students in this province, and for public education. The provincial election may be over; however, we will never stop fighting to put an end to government underfunding of education.

As the school year unfolds, your Provincial Executive will remain flexible and adaptive, adjusting our bargaining and communications strategies as necessary in our pursuit of stability and improvements.

Your union is here for you. You are encouraged to reach out to your local leaders with any needs or concerns you may have as the year progresses. Ontario’s post-COVID rebuilding will be powered by our efforts and by the strength of our solidarity. We know that investing in publicly-funded education and in its workforce will fuel the rebuilding of the province.

Thank you all for your dedication and commitment to education and to students in Ontario.

Provincial Executive signatures

Karen Littlewood, President (Chief Executive Officer)
Paul Caccamo, Vice President
Martha Hradowy, Vice President
Jeff Denys, Treasurer
Hayssam Hulays, Executive Officer
Malini Leahy, Executive Officer
Colin Matthew, Executive Officer

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