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OSSTF/FEESO offers a variety of training for local leaders. Members who hold positions on District/Bargaining Unit Executives should be familiar with the information listed below. District/Bargaining Unit positions may vary in title.

According to Article 8.4.1 of the OSSTF/FEESO constitution, “there shall be a District Executive consisting, at a minimum, of a President (who may be a Bargaining Unit president), a Vice-President or Vice-Presidents, a Secretary-Treasurer or Secretary and Treasurer, and all Presidents of Bargaining Units within the District”.  Article 9.3 of the constitution states “there shall be a Bargaining Unit Executive consisting, at a minimum, of a President, Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer and Chief Negotiator.  Other positions at the district or bargaining unit level may include Health and Safety Officer, Educational Services Officer, Human Rights Officer, Status of Women Officer, Pay Equity Officer and/or a Labour Council Liaison. The Executive may also include additional members as determined by the Bargaining Unit Constitution.

OSSTF/FEESO active members holding any of these positions are encouraged to participate in training made available at the local or provincial level. Details about OSSTF/FEESO training and workshops is available from your bargaining unit president. Information for authorized individuals in the position of president can soon access additional information through the OSSTF/FEESO Leadership Data Bank section found in the Member Login area.

What New Bargaining Unit Leaders Need to Know:

  • About Provincial Office – OSSTF/FEESO as an Organization
  • Structure/Committees/Councils
  • Working with your Bargaining Unit Executive
    • How to Run A Meeting (Meetings, Minutes & Motions)
    • OSSTF/FEESO Constitution & Bylaws
  • Role of the Field Secretary
  • Role of the Bargaining Unit President
  • Legal Process (D/BU #037/2012-2013)
  • Financial Handbook
  • Workplace Representative Manual
  • The Health & Safety Handbook for OSSTF/FEESO Reps

Training for New Bargaining Unit Leaders Should Include:

  • Child & Family Services Act/Bill 157 Education Act - Duties to Report
    • Duty to report (C&FS Act & Bill 157 requirements of members)
    • Representing an OSSTF/FEESO member when an allegation is made
    • Tips for Avoiding False Allegations
  • Bills/Laws/Regulations/PPMs/Memos
  • OSSTF/FEESO Anti-harassment policy
  • Workplace Violence & Harassment (Bill 168)
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Collective Agreement Essentials:
  • Duty of Fair Representation
  • Grievance/Arbitration
  • Estoppels
  • The Importance of Timelines
  • Progressive Discipline
  • OSSTF/FEESO Search Engine

Other Considerations:

  • Benevolent Council Grants (D/BU #9/2013-2014)
  • Boundary Violations
  • The Role of Professional Colleges (Ontario College of Teachers, Ontario College of Trades, Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers, College of Psychologists of Ontario; Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario, College of Early Childhood Educators)
  • Pay Equity

Experienced Leaders:

  • Engaging Local Media
  • Judicial Council
  • Long Term Disability
  • Mediation Services
  • Mental Health Issues
  • OSSTF/FEESO Anti-Harassment Officer Role & Training
  • Social Media in OSSTF/FEESO
  • Teacher Performance Appraisal & Educational Worker Evaluation
  • TPP/OMERS (Teachers Pension Plan/Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement Savings)

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