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A Living Wage?

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit, developed for MAP4C, Foundations for College Mathematics, College Preparation, students will investigate income distribution in Canada and Ontario.  Students will explore the changes in minimum wage.  Students will also look at household budgets in order to examine the financial realities of minimum wage earners in Ontario.

Lesson 1: Students look at income distribution, historical analysis of wages, looking at real changes in minimum wage (for both Canada and Ontario).

Lesson 2: Students look at income distribution for Ontario and for a few selected cities.

Lesson 3: Students look at the gender gap in income, as well as the income differences for families led by two adults vs. those led by a lone-parent.

Lesson 4: Students look at how Ontarians spend their income for a variety of income levels, then comparing monthly budgets to cost of shelter in a variety of cities. The final question asks students to summarize what they have learned about income distribution and minimum wage in Ontario, with respect to the cost of putting a roof over one’s head.  This question can be done as a class discussion or as a hand-in assessment for the unit.

Students will learn to:

  • Interpret, analyse and summarize two variable data graphically and numerically using a variety of tools and strategies;
  • Design effective personal and household budgets for individuals and families in case studies.

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