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Censorship in Literature and Media Bias

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

This unit, developed for ENG4C (English, Grade 12, College Preparation), allows students to explore censorship in its various forms and make critical analyses for themselves, and to investigate media bias in order to better inform themselves, and to look at issues with a more open mind.

In the introductory lesson, students will have the opportunity to discuss and explore some of the key unit ideas and terminology related to censorship and media bias. In the next lesson, students will interact with politically correct language and act first hand as censors in a create assignment. In the third lesson, students will explore bias in the media. They will explore omission as a form of censorship as well as the spin approach. This exploration will take place via segments of the film Control Room, as well as a discussion of reality television and the tabloids. The main purpose of the fourth lesson is to drive home the point about perspective, and the importance of finding out several points of view to truly have all the facts. In the final lesson, students will explore censorship and how it affects them first hand. They will have the opportunity to see how the process works and the number of texts that have been censored and for what reasons. This also allows them an opportunity to work on their research and report writing skills.

Students will choose a novel from the “Freedom to Read” list and research why it has been challenged/banned and where. They will present their findings which will be evaluated by means of a rubric.

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