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Sustainable Development

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

This unit developed for CGW4U is linked to the Development and/ or Quality of Life Unit.  Students should develop an understanding and awareness of Sustainable Development Issues.  In addition, the concept of government involvement at all levels (local, state, international) and corporate capital investment will be addressed. Students will do a project pertaining to Non-Governmental Organizations and other groups (acronyms) before completing the Solomon Islands Development Plan. Various videos, notes, power-point and textual background will be required.

The key assignment that students will develop uses the Solomon Islands of the South Pacific to create a "Sustainable Development Plan" to be presented to the United Nations Development Programme.
Students will be challenged to apply previous knowledge from the following units; globalization, development/ quality of life, population.  They will use this knowledge base to make connections and expand on their understanding of sustainability issues. Students will have to use ‘Higher Order Thinking Skills’ to critically evaluate and develop solutions to their development dilemma.

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