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TAKING IT OUTSIDE – Establishing a Cell Phone Recycling Program

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit developed for SCH4C (Grade 12 Chemistry – College Preparation), students will reinforce their understanding of redox reactions as they design and conduct an experiment on the reactivities of different metals; they will be introduced to batteries in the form of galvanic cells; they will develop an understanding of how chemical reactions can be turned into usable electrical energy; and finally students will analyze the impact of our current digital age on the environment.  Their culminating task will be to research and educate other students and community members on the dangers of old cell phones and establish a cell phone recycling program at the school.

The key knowledge addressed in the unit will be: activities of metals, electrochemistry of both galvanic and electrolytic cells, and the impact of electrochemistry on the environment.  The skills learned include key science investigative skills: planning and carrying out an investigation; selecting, integrating and interpreting information; they will also select and use appropriate modes of representation to communicate scientific ideas, plans, and experimental results their findings.

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