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Voting and Elections, What’s it all about?

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit, designed for Canadian and World Politics (CPW 4UO), students will understand the historical creation of Canada’s electoral systems and how it is influenced by various historical and political movements. If students do not learn about these concerns there is risk of having a society which knows very little about their own electoral system. Therefore, through the use of current technologies (for example; internet and streaming videos) learning the history and actions of the electoral process students can better understand why certain actions occur at the municipal, provincial, and federal elections.

Students will learn to understand and apply specific knowledge (the history of the electoral system, functions of elections, and Canada’s electoral process) attained from the electoral system and apply it to their own lives. Learning to reflect on their opinions and thoughts effectively will help students to avoid misconceptions, poor judgments and to critically analyze political debates and outside influences.

The main activities in this unit will include a class debate, reaction paper, short answer questions, and a knowledge and understanding assignment.

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