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You Make the Choice

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit, developed for MFM1P (Foundations of mathematics, Grade 9 Applied), three social issues are investigated to show that math is a valuable tool for critical thinking. These issues are all analyzed using ratios and percentages with bar, line and pie graphs. The misuse of numbers is discussed throughout the unit.

In the first lesson, students determine where First Nations people have the most influence politically and see if that matches where most First Nations people live. This is a percentage review lesson. In the second lesson, students determine the difference in salary between males and females and see if there is a difference over time. In the third and fourth lessons, students will explore data from the US in terms of ethnic proportions on death row, and then compare ethnic proportions on death row with ethnic proportions in general population and consider statistics about the death penalty.

For the unit’s summative evaluation, students will analyze a government website, with calculations involving ratio and proportion and using mathematics as a tool for critical thinking. Based on the four previous lessons, students should be able to demonstrate their critical thinking skills when analyzing this website. The rubric is included directly on the summative evaluation so that students are aware of the marking scheme.

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