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Resource of the Month — April 2012

Art Works

April 5, 2012 — Art Works Teacher’s Resource is designed to accompany the Art Works Textbook developed last year by Emond Montgomery Publications to reflect the Ontario Arts Curriculum Revised, 2010. The textbook itself is ideal for educators not only with grade 9 or 10 art classes, but for any educator wishing to infuse their curriculum with issues, ideas and themes that inform art and culture.

The teacher resource book contains 554 pages of lesson plan ideas, links to artist and museum websites, up-to-date revised arts curriculum connections, assessment and evaluation tools and strategies, as well as information about each and every artwork featured in the textbook. Included with the purchase of the book is its digital equivalent on CD-ROM.

Designed to save you valuable time, this resource is an indispensable companion to the student book. For more information, visit ArtWorks.