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Resource of the Month — July 2012

Self-Care For Life

July 1, 2012 — As education workers, we spend much of our time in the helping professions looking after others. This summer, take time to take care of yourself. Self Care for Life, written by Skye Alexander, Meera Lester & Carolyn Dean offers daily tips for the preservation of your mind, body and spirit. With one page a day, this year long guide offers suggestions as simple as eliminating light from your bedroom at night, to what kind of tea to drink, to painting your office yellow for a more positive, creative work environment.

Each day also comes with a memorable quotation ranging from Einstein to Congleze proverbs to help you put the day in perspective. This summer, pick up Self Care for Life at your favourite bookseller for about fifteen dollars, and make time for you: it may be your resource of the year!