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Resource of the Month Archive — 2013

The OSSTF/FEESO Educational Services Committee provides a monthly resource that members may find useful in their classrooms, worksites or personal lives.

The resource is often linked to a particular date of interest within that month, for example Persons Day in October, Black History Month or National Aboriginal Day in June.  The Resource of the Month may be a link to a particular website, a book, a journal or research report. The resource often provides content that is classroom-friendly including lesson plans and curriculum support.

December CBC Archives
  This website allows the user to navigate through the CBC archives in search of information on a wide variety of topics.
November GLADD Media Reference Guide and NLGJA Stylebook Supplement on LGBT Terminology
  Two resources which help educators and professionals use the correct terminology in reference to the LGBT community.
October Letters to a Street Child by Andree Cazabon
  This DVD and user guide can be used both as a resource in the classroom as well as for professional development with counsellors and others that work with at risk students.
September Quia
  Quia allows teachers to select questions from teacher-created question banks relating to a large number of topics. It also has games and activities to help students learn online.
August Kids-In-Mind
  Kids-In-Mind is a website that parents or educators can access to determine the suitability of thousands of films for the classroom or personal use.
July Choice Words - How our Language Affects Children’s Learning
  This book addresses the power of the language used by educators in the classroom in creating a supportive learning community.
June Re-Thinking Schools
  This American website is operated by a non-profit organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has been publishing educational literature since 1986. The content is applicable for all subject areas in elementary and secondary education.
May Teen Mental Health
  The goal of this Canadian website is to improve the understanding of adolescent mental health and mental disorders by providing applicable resources and training based on scientific evidence and knowledge. The content is applicable for all subject areas in the secondary school curriculum.
April Media Smarts
  Media Smarts provides resources for teaching and learning about digital literacy, media literacy and cybersafety.
March Let’s Talk Science
  Let’s Talk Science is a Canadian charitable organization that delivers science programs, resources, and services to students in elementary and secondary schools.
February Civics 101 and Fair Vote Canada
  Civics 101 is sponsored by Television Ontario (TVO) and explains how governments in Canada function. Fair Vote Canada is a website that provides a Voting Systems lesson plan for introductory secondary school Civics and Social Studies classes.
January ArtsSmarts
  A national arts education program that aims to merge the creative process with the learning process.