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Resource of the Month — March 2013

Let’s Talk Science

March 1, 2013 — This Canadian charitable organization is based in London, Ontario. Let’s Talk Science provides science lessons, activities and challenges for teachers and students. There are outreach sites located across Ontario that enable teachers to have volunteer university science students visit schools and give science-in-action demonstrations.

On the website, the CurioCity section engages students in Science, Engineering, and Technology through an interactive web-based platform. Currently, there are three themes for students to explore: Sky Science, Biotechnology and Stem Cells. Teachers may register with CurioCity to obtain free curriculum resources.  The available videos will appeal to students as 21st century digital learners as evidenced by their titles, NASA Gangam Style and Flash’s day off almost.

In addition, the students can join online chats, learn fast facts and participate in challenges. Both teachers and students can benefit from the numerous science-based applications and activities available on this website.