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Resource of the Month — June 2013

Re-Thinking Schools

June 1, 2013 — The Rethinking Schools organization publishes educational books and materials that focus on revising, re-thinking and re-examining educational methodology and pedagogy. There is a quarterly journal available for subscription with articles available on-line.

The books available for purchase analyze current and topical issues on education. The titles cover the gamut of the secondary curriculum: Rethinking Mathematics, Rethinking Globalization and Rethinking Popular Culture and Media. In addition, there are resources on transforming unions.

This website provides ample literature for new and experienced teachers that are ideal for professional growth and professional development. There are free games that can be downloaded or printed from the site.

Although it is an American website most of its content is relevant for Canadian educators with titles such as, Rethinking Multicultural Education and Rethinking our Classrooms.