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Creating Awareness of Poverty Through an Information Brochure

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit developed for BTT1O (Information and Communication Technology in Business, Grade 9), students create a three fold (six panel) brochure using desktop publishing software to inform others about issues in Poverty. Students use the design process throughout this project. In small groups, students brainstorm a focus for their brochure. Since Poverty is a general topic, student will narrow their ideas to a specific topic for their brochure, for example, Child Poverty, World Poverty Statistics, Poverty in Canada, Poverty in Toronto, etc. Students use their Internet search skills to locate information and students apply web site evaluation tools to identify the validity of information and bias on web sites. Students use word processing skills to create and edit information for the brochure. Students also use desktop publishing skills to import text, graphics, edit font, layout and styles to create a brochure.

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