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Stop Poverty - We Have What it Takes

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit, developed for CGW4U, Canadian and World issues, students will examin poverty. Does it exist in Canada and if so, how does it compare to poverty experienced in developing nations? After examining definitions of poverty, students will explore what poverty means in a variety of places, with a focus on Canada and India.  India’s poverty, as experienced by children born into brothels, will be examined in detail through a documentary, Born Into Brothels.  From this case study students will gain a deeper understanding of how poverty may look and how a small organization struggled to make a difference.  Students will then explore and evaluate international organizations and other grassroots projects and their attempts to fight poverty.  Finally, students will work in pairs to accomplish the World Vision photo challenge; where they are to design, take and produce a digital photograph that finishes the statement, “we’re hungry for change because…”.  The photograph allows students to showcase issues related to poverty in their local community and/or create a visual image that illustrates universal poverty.  Photographs will be submitted online and selected students photographs may be published on the World Vision website.

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