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Briefs and Submissions

OSSTF/FEESO is often asked to provide input on a number of topics, government bills and positions and societal trends.

The Federation also routinely comments on topics that are pertinent to the membership. In this section there are the latest briefs and submissions made to government and other bodies on a variety of subjects that deal with education, social and public policy issues.

They reflect OSSTF/FEESO policies and positions.

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In this submission, OSSTF/FEESO makes recommendations related to changes to post-secondary education that have been proposed by the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. Included in these recommendations are a caution about taking a quantity over a quality approach to change, as well as the need for adequate funding to increase the number of faculty, support staff and infrastructure.

In response to the government’s request for input on their Prevention Starts Here workbook, OSSTF/FEESO provided feedback on nine specific questions.

In this submission, OSSTF/FEESO agrees with the bill’s intent and applauds the inclusion of cyber-bullying. It also states the need for effective professional development for educators as well as a strong curriculum to support efforts to stop bullying. OSSTF/FEESO also recommends that the bill clearly define how school and board administration will take appropriate action when incidents of bullying are reported.

In this submission, OSSTF/FEESO welcomes the intent of Bill 13 and stresses the importance of Gay Straight Alliance Groups. Good professional development for educators are recommended as is the need for meaningful intervention of bullying.

In this submission, OSSTF/FEESO makes recommendations to the Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Services on how positive changes can be made in the delivery of services in the education sector without sacrificing the public education system.

This submission outlines the Federation’s position on fundraising in schools, including some suggestions to the government as to how they should revise their draft document on the matter.

In this submission OSSTF/FEESO outlines its position that the government should pay for additional costs of the EI program that arise due to high unemployment during difficult economic times.

OSSTF/FEESO makes recommendations on improving conditions for improving conditions for those with mental health issues and for raising awareness and educating the public on these issues.

This submission outlines the changes OSSTF/FEESO hopes to see in Bill 160 in order for it to more closely reflect the intentions of the Expert Panel.

This submission covers premium rates, rate groups, employer incentives, occupational disease, indexation of partial disability benefits and coverage.

This submission describes the position of OSSTF/FEESO on a number of issues relating to the ongoing success of public education in Ontario. Issues include: Student distribution and school configuration, schools as community hubs, adult education, government initiatives, funding student credits, funding for special education programs, and provincial framework agreements.

This submission establishes the Federation’s position on a number of issues that will be affected by the upcoming Provincial budget, including: Adult Education, Special Education, and University Funding.

This submission outlines the Federations stance on pension reform, including its recommendation of defined benefit pension plans that are protected from inflation through indexation.

In this submission OSSTF/FEESO recommends that the Ministry reconsider the timing of the Fall 2010 Sector Discussions to allow for a more in-depth review of the Special Education Grant.

This submission outlines the recommendations of OSSTF/FEESO on Bill 242, Early Learning Plan.

In this submission, OSSTF/FEESO states its commitment to ensuring that public education provides equal access to a comprehensive and well-rounded education. It raises concerns about the need and methods of fundraising and offers some sound guiding principles.

OSSTF/FEESO recommends the implementation of effective and meaningful workplace violence prevention programs and training that would actually protect all those in the education setting.  It is essential to recognize that some students are threatening, aggressive and even violent and, as such, are a hazard to those who work with them.  Employers must recognize their responsibility to act promptly and effectively to respond to all safety concerns. The belief in a student’s unfettered right to learn must be balanced against the worker’s right to safety.

This document comprises OSSTF/FEESO’s Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy on Bill 177, The Student Achievement and School Board Governance Act, 2009.

This document comprises OSSTF/FEESO’s Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy on Bill 157, an Act to Amend the Education Act - May 6, 2009.

This document comprises OSSTF/FEESO’s Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy regarding Bill 152, The Poverty Reduction Act, 2009. It outlines OSSTF/FEESO’s concerns about how poverty impacts our students and their families, as well as our communities, and makes recommendations on how to address those concerns. 

This document comprises OSSTF/FEESO’s input to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration’s review of Ontario’s Non-Credit English/French as a Second Language Program.

This document comprises OSSTF/FESSO’s input to the Ministry of Education’s Governance Review Committee February 2009 on the topics of Modernizing the Education Act, Identifying Effective Governance Practices, Appointing School Board Leaders and Strengthening School Board Accountability.

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