News · Ford Government’s Decision to Close the Ontario Science Centre a Misguided Move



Ford Government’s Decision to Close the Ontario Science Centre a Misguided Move


June 27, 2024 – Last Friday, June 21, the Doug Ford government announced that the Ontario Science Centre would be abruptly and permanently closed. This sudden decision directly impacts children, families, workers, and visitors from surrounding communities and around the world that have cherished and benefited from the Ontario Science Centre since its opening in 1969. The Ontario Science Centre is one of the world’s first interactive, hands-on science centers, and it has a cultural heritage and value for Toronto and Ontario.

The Ontario Science Centre is not just a building; it is a long-standing landmark and institution that centred learning for all ages. It is a beacon of scientific literacy and interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) among the public, especially children, students, and educators. It is a community hub where workshops, lectures, and events bring together people from diverse backgrounds. For almost 55 years, it has been a contributor to community cohesion and a provider of resources for lifelong learning. Over its existence, the Ontario Science Centre has continued to be an economic driver through tourism and employment. It is a cultural gem, showcasing science and technology as integral parts of human achievement.

We urgently call on the Ford government to prioritize the needed repairs, which are manageable and will potentially have a minimal impact on the public experience of the building.

We call on the Ford government to move ahead with a plan to properly care for and fund this historic and world-class custom-built facility Science Centre, as it is the anchor for the Flemington Park and Thorncliffe Park communities while also being an internationally renowned site for hands-on science engagement and learning. The Ontario Science Centre has brought together millions of educational opportunities and engagement for children, students, and families all in the name of scientific inquiry and innovation. Most importantly, the Science Centre sparks imagination and curiosity and creates a love of science and life-long learning that prepares the future generation for the challenges of tomorrow.

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