Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA)

AMPA 2021 Election · Parker Robinson for Executive Officer


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Parker Robinson for Executive Officer


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Parker Robinson
District 4, Near North


OSSTF/FEESO has provided me an opportunity to fight for the fairness and respect all workers, and in fact all people, deserve. I have an unwavering commitment to the values of solidarity and collective action, and I will continue to work tirelessly to advance the causes that make our union and our society a better place for all. I am unwavering in my commitment to every member of OSSTF/FEESO.


It is important to me that our work is done with integrity. I will ensure that honesty and openness are key elements of our organization, as these values are sacred to me. Even when we are facing difficult truths it is critical to listen with openness and speak the truth to the people involved. The opinions and perspectives of all members must be valued and acknowledged. We have faced some tough times recently and an openness to new approaches and a variety of perspectives will help us move forward.


In 20 years as a teacher and Federation leader I have been involved in many aspects of OSSTF/FEESO. My experiences have provided me with a strong foundation to continue the work that must be done. During the past year as OTF/FEO President I have developed skills and knowledge that will be crucial for me to be an effective member of the Provincial Executive. Experience working with education stakeholders, both allies and adversaries, is a key component for effective leadership and I have that experience.

Asking for your support.