Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA)

AMPA 2021 Election · Shannon Vandenberghe for OTF Governor


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Shannon Vandenberghe for OTF Governor

Integrity. Experience. Advocacy

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Shannon Vandenberghe
District 28, Renfrew

Shannon began her career in the York and Halton boards. Currently she works in Renfrew County. Shannon has worked in both urban and rural settings, regions of population growth and regions of population decline. This has given her a balanced view and understanding of the needs and concerns of our members.

Shannon’s past actions display her understanding of issues at all levels. She has participated locally as:

  • TBU Branch President
  • District/TBU Council & Executive Member
  • District Human Rights/Status of Women Chair
  • District CPAC and CBC committee member

And provincially as:

  • OTF Governor
  • Provincial Councillor
  • Status of Women Committee Liaison
  • AMPA Delegation Leader
  • Curriculum Team Writer
  • Educational Services Workshop Presenter

Her service to members in these roles over 14 years shows her familiarity and understanding of local and provincial federation issues. She is knowledgeable, providing timely and principled representation to all members, and equitable access to resources, answering pension concerns for members at all stages of their careers.

Shannon has a proven record as a leader and team player. She has shown and continues to show her ability to work at a variety of tables, working with other governors and executive, and objectively working towards responsive solutions to challenges. Shannon is committed to open and transparent communication and processes. She is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of our members and ensuring a viable pension for the years to come.