Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA)

AMPA 2021 Election · Stephen Helleiner for OTF Governor


About Us

Stephen Helleiner for OTF Governor

Image of Stephen Helleiner 
Stephen Helleiner
District 14, Kawartha Pine Ridge

My Commitment

My name is Stephen Helleiner and I am running for re-election as OTF Governor. As a long-serving member of a variety of committees in my district and at the provincial level I have demonstrated an on-going dedication to OSSTF/FEESO and all that it represents. I have worked over the years to ensure members stay well-informed, engaged, and excited about the work of the Federation.

My Promise

  • To listen to the concerns of the members of OSSTF/FEESO
  • To bring forward those concerns to the OTF Board
  • To act as a conduit between the PE, Provincial Council, and the OTF
  • To work to protect the rights of all members
  • To communicate with other affiliates and explain OSSTF/FEESO positions
  • To communicate clearly and openly with our members about OTF issues
  • To uphold the responsibilities of my membership in the Federation

Why am I Running?

The most important thing a member can do is to put themselves out there to serve the membership as a whole. I have always believed that we are a strong union because we value the individual member so deeply. To take a challenge on, like representing the members as an OTF Governor, means to be willing to think globally and to understand the whole picture. I believe I have the skills to represent the totality of who we are as a Federation and to do it with care and passion.