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Premier Doug Ford - Stop Your Bill Conferring Degree-Granting Powers to the Canada Christian College

October 27, 2020 — Once again, Premier Doug Ford has put private interests ahead of public good.

By introducing Bill 213, the Better For People, Smarter For Business Act, which awards the Canada Christian College the ability to grant Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, Doug Ford has demonstrated that his government is for insiders, no matter how repugnant their words and actions.

Ford’s proposed legislation gives powers to a private school run by Charles McVety, a political ally of the Premier – a man described by former Premier Kathleen Wynne as “the most publicly and vocally homophobic man in Ontario.” This is cronyism at its most offensive. 

OSSTF/FEESO joins with organizations, including the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) in voicing our objections to the legislation. This fast-tracking and side-stepping of the formal accreditation process promotes a school that openly rejects the rights of LGBTQ2SI individuals and mandates certain moral standards for their faculty, students, and staff that contradict protections outlined in the Ontario Human Rights Code. This school has been accused of condoning hate speech, including homophobia and Islamophobia, as well as teaching the denial of evolution. 

OSSTF/FEESO President, Harvey Bischof, says, “The conferring of degree-granting powers to Charles McVety’s school is the worst example of paying back political favours. McVety’s past political support for Doug Ford is not a qualifier for the awarding of degree-granting status and his hateful pronouncements should disqualify him.  Premier Ford must immediately remove this provision in Bill 213.  Failing to do so is an abrogation of Ford’s responsibility to ensure that Ontario’s post-secondary education system remains independent, equitable, and free from political interference."

The Ford Government continues to demonstrate it will take care of its friends before the public good. We cannot allow bigotry and hatred to go unchallenged. We urge Premier Ford in the strongest possible terms to do the right thing, withdraw the provision in Bill 213, and remove the proposed degree-granting status of the Canada Christian College. 

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