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Canadian History from a First Nations Perspective

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

The main focus of the unit, developed for CHC2P, Grade 10 Applied History, is to look at the curriculum from a First Nation’s perspective.  The unit was developed to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of how First Nations contributed to the development of Canadian society.  The unit also looks at both how events in history both impacted on First Nations communities, and how history was shaped by First Nations contributions.

The unit begins by looking at the effects of Residential Schools on individuals and communities in the past and today.  Next students will look at First Nations contributions to the war effort in World War One and World War Two, by looking at some extraordinary individuals such as Tom Longboat, Francis Pegamagabow, and Henry Norwest. Students will also explore how First Nations people had to fight for equal rights in Canada through creating their own political organizations. There will also be a focus on the current realities in First Nations communities, which will be highlighted by looking at the issues of land claims and self-government.  Lastly the unit will end with a culminating task that highlights a wide range of First Nations leaders and their contributions in the past and present to Canadian society.

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