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Adult Education in Ontario encompasses a wide variety of circumstances in most Ontario school boards.  Adult Education credit programs must be taught by teachers certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. Adult Education programs which do not lead to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) may be taught by either certified teachers or by instructors.  The information below provides links to the Adult Education programs in districts school boards where OSSTF/FEESO has support staff bargaining units who teach non-credit programs and in other schools boards where there are credit Adult Education programs delivered separately from the secondary school program.

Non-credit programs include:

  • ESL – English as a Second Language
  • LINC – Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada
  • LBS – Literacy and Basic Skills
  • IL – International (Heritage) Languages for elementary pupils
  • PSW – Personal Support Worker

Boards with OSSTF/FEESO Instructor/Assessor Bargaining Units

District/Bargaining Unit Board Programs (delivered by the BU / as well as others)
D9 – CEI Greater Essex DSB ESL, LBS / credit
D9 – LESE assessments (ESL, LINC)
D11 – CEI Thames Valley DSB ESL, LINC, LBS, IL / PSW, credit
D17 – IBU Simcoe Country DSB ESL, LBS, IL / PSW, credit
D21 – ESL Hamilton Wentworth DSB ESL, LINC / LBS, credit
D21 – PECW Hamilton Wentworth Catholic DSB ESL, LINC / LBS, credit
D24 – AEI & CW Waterloo Catholic DSB ESL, LINC, LBS / IL, PSW, credit
D25 – PECCS Ottawa Carleton DSB ESL, LINC, LBS / IL, credit
D27 – CEI Limestone DSB ESL, LBS / IL, PSW, credit

Other Boards