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Resource of the Month — February 2013

Civics 101 and Fair Vote Canada

February 1, 2013 — Civics 101: Ontario’s Political Process Explained is a website that explains the structural, political, legal and financial aspects of the systems of government in Canada: federal, provincial, and municipal.

There are interactive lessons on the electoral and voting systems. Key concepts such as democracy, rights and responsibilities and civic participation are discussed. A historical summary of the eight premiers of Ontario is provided as well as a budget simulator exercise. Two learning games focus on persuasion and citizenship. In addition, episodes of events at Queen’s Park in Toronto and Day in the Life of a new Member of the Provincial Parliament are available in video format.

Fair Vote Canada is a comprehensive website that promotes the use of fair and proportional voting systems in Canada. It provides a lesson for use in civics, social sciences and history classes.  The lesson includes a mock vote and a power point presentation that provides a discussion about democracy and electoral systems in Canada.  Fair Vote Canada has guest speakers who are available for presentations to classes.  A Youtube instructional video accompanies the lesson.