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Resource of the Month — March 2015

The Monitor (The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)

The Monitor (The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)March 1, 2015 — If you are looking to an alternate commentary on current issues facing Canadians, turn to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative’s publication, The Monitor. As described on their website, “it is the CCPA's national monthly magazine, featuring economic, social and environmental perspectives.” It is published 10 times a year – there is no August issue and there is a combined December/January issue.

The articles are broad in scope and cover a wide variety of topics such as child care, income splitting, gender issues, trade agreements, oil and gas prices, and environmental policy. They represent the opinions of the authors themselves, and not necessarily of the CCPA.

The articles are intelligently written, and bring to light the issues of the day with a slightly different focus from that found in a daily newspaper. For example, the March 2015 issue has several articles dealing with the federal “anti-terrorism” bill C-51, and the February 2015 issue includes articles about P3s, free speech and pharmacare.

The site archives full copies from November 2014 onwards, as well as many individual articles dating back to 2000.

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