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Globalization – Socially, Culturally and Ethically…Should We?

This unit, developed for Society Challenge and Change (HSB4M), focuses on Globalization and its relationship to social inequalities and social injustice. Students begin by gaining an understanding of what globalization is from multiple perspectives. They then will assess the concerns raised by globalization and conduct a “pro/con” analysis of globalization on a large/global scale through a focused look at case studies and current examples. From this, students investigate how individuals and groups can impact social change and address the social inequalities/problems that exist due to globalization.

In the end, students are required to use multiple sources of information, traditional and non-traditional, print and electronic, to investigate a current multinational organization/corporation. They then assess the practices of the corporation/organization and its impact on the global community and produce a form of activism to support the organization/corporation or promote change in the company.

The main ideas students should develop are:

  • Understanding how we are all connected within the global environment and that this connection that often benefits them, can hurt others when not cared about or thought about. This relates to understanding the social forces and conditions that shape “challenges and changes” in our society.

  • Connecting action/inaction and consequence, globally and personally.

  • An understanding that one issue can be looked at in multiple ways and both mainstream and non-traditional sources need to be considered if one is to understand “the big picture,” which needs to not be ethnocentric.

  • An ability to empower themselves and take an active stand in regards to something that does affect them, even when it appears to be very disconnected from their lives.  

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