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My Eco-Footprint: Human Impact on the Environment

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit, developed for CHV2O, Grade 10 Civics, students examine the concept of “global citizenship” as it relates to the environment. Students are expected to engage in some form of action project that demonstrates their understanding of their responsibilities as global citizens. 

In this unit, students will complete a quiz that asks them questions that are relevant to their own lives and allows them to assess their impact on the planet’s biosphere.  The quiz focuses on four aspects of the students’ lives:  diet, home life/shelter, transportation, and lifestyle choices. After completing the quiz students participate in lessons involving a variety of group work and individual activities that address how each of these factors affects the environment and what they, as individuals, can do to reduce their impact.  At the end of the unit, students will complete a final performance task that will allow them to demonstrate their understanding of how humans affect the environment and encourage others to lessen their impact.

Students will:

  • understand the effect that their lifestyle choices have on the environment;
  • learn how to reduce their impact on the environment and hence become better, more responsible, global citizens.

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