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PRIDE – Exploring Aboriginal Identity Through Art

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit developed for NAC1O (Expressing Aboriginal Culture), students create a collaborative art piece that expresses Aboriginal identity in a variety of areas.  The collaborative art piece consists of many individual pieces of art that form together to form the word “pride.”  Each letter has a group assigned to it, and each letter is assigned a theme/idea (ie. clanship, land claims, traditional teachings, community activities, etc) that is researched and then expressed in the artwork of each letter and presented to the class.

Students are provided with an opportunity to discover why Aboriginal peoples identify and are concerned with certain social and political issues.   They are also given the opportunity to research an assigned topic, express themselves creatively, work in a group setting, discuss salient issues, and present to their peers.  The project also fosters a sense of classroom unity via large group collaboration.

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