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Raising Awareness of Global Issues Through Art

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

The focus of this unit, developed for AVI2O (Grade 10 Visual Arts) is to help teens become more aware of global issues, while learning mixed media methods (including drawing, painting).

Working in pairs, they are guided on how to collaborate effectively, building upon and strengthening their ideas and designs. Students are introduced to global issues such as: world peace, environmental issues and child labour. This is done through a variety of ways (e.g. research socially based topics on-line or through books and journals; if possible, bring in guest NGO speakers to share information on global issues).

Next, students choose a specific global issue. They are to create a simple, yet powerful image / scene and / or logo that depict their topic. Next, they work with a partner, incorporating each others’ images into one work of art. They then write a catchy slogan to effectively convey their message for their target audience – students their own age.

The art work is then prominently displayed in the school, or if possible, toured to local feeder schools where the teens then help teach the younger students how to collaborate on their own Global posters.

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