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The Cost of Global Warming

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

This unit, developed for SNC2D, Grade 10 Science-Academic, will have students investigate the link between humanity’s impact on the environment and economy.  The unit will start with students analysing data showing an increase in global atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions and the corresponding increase in mean global temperature.  To build on this concept students will then be presented with data showing trends in the number and severity of hurricanes.  As students look at these concepts, they will investigate the possible link between human activities and the changes we are seeing in our environment.  Finally, students will examine information outlining the economic and environmental cost to taxpayers and individuals resulting from global warming and the problems it causes.

Enduring Understandings / Learning:

  • Humans are responsible at least in part for global climate change.
  • Hurricanes are the result of numerous interrelated factors.
  • Humans have had a large impact on the environment, and that has lead to a corresponding increase in the impact of environmental weather phenomena on humans.
  • Everyday choices made by humans do have large and long lasting consequences.
  • Students will learn to use data to draw conclusions about an environmental issue.

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