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Resource of the Month Archive · Resource of the Month Archive — 2014


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Resource of the Month Archive — 2014

The OSSTF/FEESO Educational Services Committee provides a monthly resource that members may find useful in their classrooms, worksites or personal lives.

The resource is often linked to a particular date of interest within that month, for example Persons Day in October, Black History Month or National Aboriginal Day in June.  The Resource of the Month may be a link to a particular website, a book, a journal or research report. The resource often provides content that is classroom-friendly including lesson plans and curriculum support.

Inside Resource of the Month Archive — 2014
January Videos of Visual Artists in Greater Sudbury, directed by Kathy Browning
  This series of videos gives students and educators a glimpse into the lives and careers of fourteen (14) Aboriginal, Métis, Francophone and Anglophone artists from the greater Sudbury area and Manitoulin Island.
April Earth Day Canada
  Earth Day Canada is a national environmental charity that works to educate Canadians about environmental issues and encourages actions that promote sustainability and respect for the environment.
May WE ALL BELONG Multimedia Toolkit
  This multimedia toolkit for bullying prevention was created by COPA (Centre ontarien de prevéntion des agressions) for parents and schools. It would be appropriate for all grade levels, including special education students, to foster safe, inclusive and accepting schools.
September PictureSET
  This website offers downloadable visual supports and curriculum resources to use by educators in supporting and enhancing the learning of students with special needs. Although this is a British Columbia Ministry of Education site, there is a wide range of pre-made visual supports matching the Ontario curriculum.
October The Memory Project
  The Memory Project features first-hand accounts from veterans and members currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. It offers several activities and lesson plans that can be adapted to suit K-12 classrooms in a variety of subject areas.
November The David Suzuki Foundation
  The David Suzuki Foundation website is available in English and in French and provides a wealth of information on the current topics of interest/issues involving the environment. Issues are grouped into five broad categories: Climate change, Health, Oceans, Wildlife & habitat, and Freshwater.
December 25 Years after the Montreal Massacre
  A focus on CBC Archives and Jackson Katz Resources