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Aboriginal Issues in Canada

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

In this unit, created for CGC1D Geography of Canada (Grade 9, Academic), students will have an opportunity to investigate some of the many issues faced by Aboriginal people in Canada as well as learn where the various native groups live. It will include a discussion of the history of the relationship between Aboriginal people and Canada (whether under British rule or modern day government) in order to understand the root of many of the issues. Specific focus will be given to access to health care, access to education, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and suicide, poverty and low living standards and limited economic opportunity.

The students will gain an understanding of the implications of past events on contemporary Aboriginal society; they will gain a sense of the complexity of Aboriginal issues and the solutions to those issues; they will analyse and interpret statistics and graphs; they will synthesize their own ideas through discussion and debate with other students and teacher led discussions; and they will write an editorial that evaluates the process of negotiating a resolution.

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