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Adapting to Canadian Culture

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

This is an integrated, stand-alone unit developed for ESLCO (English as a Second Language, Level 3). It incorporates reading, writing and speaking activities.  Students will explore, in groups and in individual writing assignments, the challenges and difficulties they faced when they first came to Canada.  They will also discuss the positive rewards of living in Canada.  They will explore the meaning of internal and external conflict and read dialogues of ESL students who faced these types of conflicts at school, home or in the community.  In groups, they will write their own dialogues exploring their own conflicts and role play the dialogues to the whole class.  The culminating activity is a short 3-paragraph essay about their personal problems and adjustments when first coming to Canada.

Students will realize from talking with each other that immigrating to Canada is a huge adjustment and challenge.  They will also realize that they are not alone, that many immigrants share the same problems and difficulties adapting to a new culture.  They will understand the concepts of internal and external conflict and realize that it is common for immigrant teenagers to experience problems at school, home and in their communities.  They will also gain an appreciation of the many rewards and satisfactions of coming to Canada.  They will have an opportunity to practise their reading, writing, speaking, listening and group work skills.

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