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Bullying Prevention

Socially-based Curriculum Unit

Bullying is prevalent in today’s society.  Identified students have an increased risk of being involved in bullying over their mainstream counterparts.  The Learning Strategies course provides grade 9 students with skills needed to be successful in the school setting.  Prevention of bullying in this population will substantially increase these student’s opportunities for success. This unit will provide students with tools needed to recognize bullying, report bullying and prevent themselves from becoming targets of the bully.  The unit focuses on the 7 different types of bullying:

  1. Physical Bullying
  2. Verbal Bullying
  3. Social Bullying
  4. Threats and Intimidation
  5. Extortion
  6. Cyber Bullying
  7. Sexual Bullying

Students will understand the signs of bullying, ways to prevent bullying and how to deal with incidences of bullying they witness.

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